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The blog “Hupertan.com” becomes “Uroblog.fr”

The blog becomes uroblog = Uroblog – Social Media in Urology and Sexology

Animating alone a blog, use of curation tools for information, make information in the urological area aggregates is a tedious task but it pay.
For this reasons, my personal blog, “Hupertan.com” I decide to make it “Uroblog.fr”, a blog with multiple authors having expertise in a specific field.
When I created there over 6 months, I did not imagine neither the task, but neither the return on investment (ROI)or rather the return on engagement(ROE).
It took days to the Facebook page, I have changed the appearance.
If you, in your area of ​​expertise, you want to participate, free of course, send me an email: hupertan@gmail.com
What do you win?

Coaching in social networks and bloggig, make yourself known as an expert in your chosen field and the backlinks to your website, to increase its SEO.
I will choose one expert per field and geographical area.
It commits you to what? To nothing! You publish you appear, otherwise not.

C U on Uroblog

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