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Letter to a “Bee” as @StorkBrian @CelyneDonneuse @MalletR @carnicelli_d

Future collaborators, dear friend, dear colleague, 

 My dear bee,

Yes I know you as the value of time, we run continuously thereafter. Our heads are filled with projects, but we are catching up everyday tasks – business, bills, taxes, patients ….

Investing in a blog, improve its web presence, increase his #E-reputation requires much time. You do not think that I have more time than you and I just try to optimize. The recent experience of #AUA15 with the live-tweeting on @Twitter, many with fatigue, exhaustion but the present results lead me to pass status of solitary bees in a hive (a kind of Networking).

If I contacted you is because you are too this kind of bees. And maybe forming a network of bees, we can be of service to one another. In addition we each have a network or rather networks: @Twitter, Linkedin, Googleplus. The sharing of this network will leverage our visibility. And then we can make the curation with scoop.it paper.li.

The goal of the blog is not mercantile. But the visibility of our #Ereputation, that position us in our respective niches will have a financial effect in the long term. Anyway I hope.

Moreover thanks to our complementary skills we will enrich ourselves with each other. If you are ready to begin to create an account with WordPress.com identifiable avatar and obviously a about.me account

Vincent – The solitary bee Paris

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