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The Hupertan network (blog, Tw, Lin, G+ and other) – review of the first year in a letter to @BrianStork (and not only)

Networking with Brian Stork, community urologist, and many others many other colleagues around the world, including French, English and Spanish, it was the best personal enrichment, one year after creating my Big Five Network: Linkedin, Twitter, GooglePlus, WordPress Blog, and less for Facebook

I created my networks in the Big Five, after a full reading of the summer vacation 2015. I had at the time a dozen followers on Twitter, no one on GooglePlus, poor Linkedin page, no blog. Among most relevant authors and readings that have helped me and I quote (and I advise) in particular:
Jean Claude Dichant and its white paper on the methods curation tool management information overload
Neil Ferree, expert on many fields and numerous post on GooglePlus with these tips I built my network architecture suited to France
Laurence Galabert for all that is Social Media “for beginners [say it for Dummies]” 
– the excellent website about the webmarketing 
Rémy A and its excellet blog about… blogging, of course 
Oliver Duffez, SEO expert and creator of Webrankinfo 
Just for this blog, first post created on 4 August 2014, there were posted 171 articles, which generated 11,044 VISITS AND 5139 VISITORS, RECORD OF VIEWS ABSOLUTE of 327. The most read article (“The #Vitaros creates the buzz on the Internet – all the world talking about the release of the new to stimulate erection”) generated 3135 views alone !!
One year after its creation it’s time to rebuild the blog!

But who is Brian Stork?!  Dr. Brian Stork, is a brilliant urologist from Michigan, passionate by community urology, is defining himself as "Community is a Urologist at West Shore Urology in Muskegon, Michigan. [...] A Leader in Health Care Social Media" . His blog and his other activities were also recognized by his peers; BJUI Awards- Best Blogger 2014, BJUI Awards- Best Blog Comment 2015.

We met at the #NOLA (New Orleans) to # AUA15 (Annual American Urology Congress) but on … Twitter. Tweet-retweet, follow-refollow … and we create links beyond the virtual social networks, and hope we will meet in Paris ASAP. He invited me to write on his blog (done) and in return (despite his lack of time) he sent me his article for my blog. Which is still not online! This is not an oversight or others. Just a few of Burn-Out (2.0 mixed with the worrying situation of French medicine) need to take a break, step back and especially rebounding. Both in my real life in my network! Promised: This will be the first post in the new frame of the blog!

Dear Brian,
I don’t forget to post in uroblog.fr your excellent article.
It’s just because I’m in a difficult period, probably a burnout. I means BURN-OUT 2.0. And I really need to make a break on my presence in professional social media. It will be a short period, probably only during my Spanish vacancy.
I’m in Social-media-time-out for a while. And that concerns Twitter, Facebook pages, blogs, Pinterest, Google-plus, Linkedin and other professional Social Media. But still be presence in FB, to share personal pictures, and keep contact with friends and family, especially those whore are so far far away.
I’ve received your post and is ready to post in the blog. It will be post on the blog ASAP. Thank you for your help. And don’t worry, everything is fine. Just, I became as many other people, social-media-addict ( and not web-addict), and what does the result was immediate – exhaustion.
I started to build my network, exactly one year ago, some place, some period: on the beach, feed in the sand, reading on my iPad an excellent white-paper of Jean-Christophe Dichant about curation-content-tools-methods- infobesity. One year latter is time to analyse what I got, take a break, to step back and start again on a new basis.

I really appreciate your comparaison with bees in a hive.

Yes, working in social media is like a bee and the network of his colony.

Positives points in the life of a bee on Social Media.

1) Meet the bees from other colonies. In a hundred places away. Only by the @buzzing of bees.

I must admit, I never thought I would have the chance to meet (virtually and even physically) bee like you and many others (I’m sorry but their number is such that there is no place for mention the names of all these fantastic people here, but I’m sure they recognize). It’s fantastic you know, to have the chance to socialize with bee with whom you share interests, views, and just what is human. Through my blog I had the opportunity to make speech, animate conferences and to have opportunities to meet more and more people. And I learned that there is no difference between people(bees), at least among doctors: from Algiers to Bucharest from Brussels to Cluj-Napoca, or Paris, Nantes, Biarritz, Michigan or Oregon, Brive la Gaillarde or Grenoble …. we are all concerned about our patients. Same questions, the same questions, same difficulties trying to take care of our patients. Imagine that song:

Imagine there no countries
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
You may say I’m a dreamer
And the world will be as one

This is my personal enrichment and is enough to encourage to continue. I feel like a bee that has its place in the hive.

2) Reputation & E-reputation

It is undeniable, my presence in the blogosphere, twittosphere, etc. have changed my e-reputation. Many errors, many tries, hard work and perseverance, nights lost (or gained) and ultimately successful but short. To be recognized as the main influencer urological congress (if not physically present because no financial means), to have my name on citation on the screen in NOLA, being often quoted by other twittos, RT … Well sure, without any technical spam-tweeting.

Because it does not confuse quantity and qualities. I tried to select interesting information, useful reports, share information with my followers only those with my slogan


There were very short-term, successful. So I felt like The Bee: “H”.

3) Regarding my patients and my private practice

Today Twitter or FB or Linkedin or other social networks, have no impact on the website for SEO, and that’s true for Google, Bing and the others. If my practice website are on top on Google SERL, there is no relation to my activities on the social media sphere.My website SEO is DIY(by myself). But, is actually quite simple to have a good positioning: to find a specialist company on SEO and pay for it. No effort, just a few euros and it is not my case.
Anyway, the some people have tried to learn more about and decide to take a appointment, after checking my e-reputation.
I’m the Doctor Bee.

4)Financial interest.

For those people who think that is easy to make money using social media, I need to say that is wrong. Helped by my new e-reputation, I was solicited as speaker on Congres or to collaborate with community managers and I was paid for that. But building a real et effective presence in social media need important investissement: is not expensive but one need more than the free account.
For now I’m barely in balance and the small difference taxes will take good care. Virtually the balance is zero.
All the honey bee is not necessarily for sale.

What about the negatives points! To be continued ASAP!

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