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Blog created in Paris by a Community Urologist try to fight with uncertified information on anonymous forum. Only trusted medical information by practicing physicians. Everything related the  patients health, hospital life and daily life of physicians.

Mood notes, comments from medical news, share highlights of medical congress, the medical content curation with,, youtube, slideshare.
There ‘re new about well being, cancer, the prostate (prostate cancerradical prostatectomy, robotic, chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia – BPH treatment by LASER , PSA, hormone therapy), urinary tract infection, male and female sexual dysfunction (erection, erectile dysfunction -ED – impotence, low libido, low desire). The main goal is patient education and are not intended to provide medical advice.

Vincent_Hupertan_Urologue_Sexoogue_Uroblog_Sexologue_Sexologist_Paris By Vincent Hupertan,MD Urologist – Sexologist à Paris, Community Doctor and Creator of


UroBlog, contraction of the words  Urology and Blog is a bilingual blog created in Paris. The Menu contains:

  1. To learn more about our authors, the Authors menu gives you information.

  2. To share our stories of medical office, there’re  Storytelling menu, obviously anonymous and fictionalized.

  3. The Newspaper Menu: weekly webzine – curation of content using – News and SoMe in Urology.

  4. The News menu display the latest news, or very short posts of content curation of urological medical sites  with High Trust Rank.

  5.  The Blog menu : all articles published on http://Uroblog.NET in français or English.

  6. In an educational purpose we grouped our slideshow in Uroblog SlideShare  Menu(related to Linkedin)

  7. To respond to questions related to current topics, the Patient Questions menu displays the answers.

  8. You have a question or comment of a private nature or to contact the site administrator, do it via the Contact Menu

More about

The Authors of

Authors are just doctors: gynecologists, urologists, sexologists doctors or psychologists sexologists see other health professionals interested in one way or another by the central theme of the blog: urology.

We are all doctors or health professionals exercise in a regulated framework. We are registered at the Council of the College of Physicians, or other regulated.

The site administrator

Dr. Vincent Hupertan, the creator and site administrator, is registered in the Council of the College of Paris Doctor with RPPS number: 1000 39 70 315 and No. Order: 68044 8 75 1.
 Our authors activities, bloggers, tweetos, we fully exercise privately. For information about our activities please contact Dr Hupertan.

The rationale for

To fight or anonymous information, or those peddled by non-healthcare professional, we selected Authors of Trust that even if he communicates privately, they exercicent in their daily practice: doctors (andrologist, gynecologists, oncologists, urologists , sexologists ….), psychologists, nurses, or stoma. The common feature of all authors and their passion for medical as having common urology – the urology, andrology, gynecology and uro-gynecology, sexology.

We do not know write as a real journalist, but in everyday life, in our consulting rooms face our patients, or in Congress to colleagues we know talk, explain, comment on, teach, educate. The doctors had decided to leave the internet, by the fear of a bad reputation, or forensic and administrative risks. The field remained free was quickly occupied by forums, medical websites whose authors (some) a strong journalistic culture but not the expertise of the office visit.

To fill this void, we have gathered, graceful way to create and contribute to this blog and we became the bloggers.
Independent bloggers passionate about our specialty. We follow the latest news and trends in social media and we are happy to share with you.

The funding of

Followers of knowledge sharing that activity is fully independent without any subsidy or financial assistance, to avoid any conflict of interest with different lobbying and particularly those with the pharmaceutical industry.

The entire cost is done by ourselves and that is why we simply ask that you support us through your return and for content sharing on your networks. We would like your opinion on the quality of content. Think "Follow", "Like", "Share" ...

The « Site » and or « Blog » whose content we are the authors and the information contained therein are provided for educational purposes and are not intended to provide medical advice.

We emphasize that we do not offer consultations. For make an appointment with one of the authors in their firm, please use the site of the « Assurance Maladie ( or GooglePlus Business pages.
By accessing the site, you understand and acknowledge that there is no doctor-patient relationship between each of the contributors and yourself. You acknowledge that the site should not be used as a substitute for advice from a health professional (doctor, midwife, psychologist, sexologist …) accredited to your country. For more information please consult th
« Disclaimer« .

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